Sunday, 2 June 2013

These posts are like buses

I did say I'd been productive. 
It wasn't just the draping class, there is also the Burda dress, and the Gertie blouse! Well, Gertie may have to wait - the blouse is the third project I've attempted from her book and perhaps they all should go up together. (Although I did make it for the new job, about which I'm most thrilled, as opposed to the new job about which I am distinctly fazed, so excitement overflow is likely imminent.)

But the Burda dress needs to be shown now, as it's just about the only timely thing I've ever done. Yes, it's still vaguely current! Hurrah for me! 

Front dress full lengthFront bodice close up

Back view

For anyone even feigning an interest, this is a mashing together of the elements of #124 and #125 in the May edition of Burdastyle magazine. Really, I took the 'poplin dress' and omitted one of the pockets and added some sleevage from #125.

It wasn't without a couple of issues. In honesty, this dress was in the middle of utter life-chaos - which maybe I'll have the wherewithal to post about when it's over - and I don't think I gave it the concentration it deserved. For some reason (probably distracted cutting on my part) the back ended up huge, so it found itself newly-fashioned with a pleat. I now fervently believe this is a good thing. Honestly. Then the shaped central band was somewhat fiddly and awkward, and baffled further by the 'instructions', but I worked it out eventually. 

This will always be my pinny frock. It's so comfortable I can't fail to love it. It reminds me of Mrs Lawrenson, Mrs Tipton and other friends of my nan's, who wore lovely wrap-around pinnies, although this is missing the bias-bound edges (I've just had the startling revelation that I noticed that pinny detail when I was eight and therefore probably needed to 'get a life' even then...)

I'm going to stop wittering about dressmaking now. This is really rather lacklustre - I'm not really in the headspace for writing and I'll regret having chuntered on. I just needed to clear the slate, as it were. 

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