Monday, 15 April 2013

I'm taking Sunday as the first day of my week...

Heck, it might be the first day of a lot of things.

On Sunday, I finally got round to reactivating a heap of mean-to-dos that have been lounging about for positively years.  This is one of them.  Being the proud owner of a completely empty blog for over a year now, I finally get to graffiti it with my scrawl.  Sorry, Blog.  

But, Blog, you're not alone!  I've also sullied the 'projects' boards of my BurdaStyle and Craftsy accounts. My first 'reveal' involved dresses done not-entirely-recently but which demonstrate my favourite pattern of all time (if 'all time' means the last few years) - Butterick 6582.  I could go on for years about this dress and how the fit is so va-va-voom good, straight from the pattern, I can face it even in my laziest hours. And how the simple glamour is so understated, it can be comfortably worn for anything, when I'm too lazy to think up an alternative. And how it makes me a cheeky cocktail, when I'm too lazy to mix my own. 

Butterick 6582 in green printButterick 6582 in strawberry fabric

Bodice of Butterick 6582

Bodice of strawberry print Butterick 6582
Back of Butterick 6582 in green print

It strikes me that, as it's taken me so long to get around to this desecration of much webspace, I could upload pictures of home-sewn items regularly for eons, making a terrible mess of webpage purity with posts of creations worn almost threadbare in the interim. How ridiculous. Instead, I need to use this new spirit to do new things, making the posting the spur, rather than the grave. Yes.

So, this week is an exciting week.  But, in other news, it's also a scary one.

It's one when I miss interviews for a job I chased, because it wasn't the job I hoped after all (or was it, and I'm now missing out?! Foolish, foolish girl!).  And it's the week when I re-try the theatre - something I've never been bowled over by - because a friend suggested it for an evening. This feels like a mission akin to kill or cure, not least because said friend later admitted to a similar theatrical aversion.  I have had more-promising excursions.  Add to that the fact that their choice of play is something I would fling on the dullity pile as the kind of reality that kids re-enact when they play 'house'.  I am working on the hope that maybe I don't like theatre because I am always attracted to the 'wrong' types of play and that the dullity will turn out to be just the thing that turns it around for me.  What a revelation that will be!

Still, if I can continue to collect myself, there is an odd double bill at the cinema the night before that should more than compensate. Danish horror, anyone?

So, here we are, at the start of a fresh page, at the start of a fresh week. Naturally, I had intended for my first post to be considered, beautifully written and positively stunning in every way. But that would take another year. And, in the interests of consistency, this is how I sullied all my other spaces...


  1. hi, I love your dresses!! I followed you here all the way from Burdastyle....that was this morning, when I tried to comment and it wouldn't take (iPad). So I kept looking at your dresses...
    Now I have purchased the same pattern. I've never sewn a dress in my life!
    thanks for that ;)
    Good luck with the blog and warm greetings from the other side of the Channel. Anna

    1. Hi Anna, thank you for your lovely, lovely post - what a wonderful very first comment for the blog!
      Congratulations on your new pattern! The gathered shoulder bit might take some working out if you've not sewn a dress before, but other than that it's not a terrible beginner project. The pattern sizing seems fairly good if you measure yourself and follow their guide - it may be a different size to your usual shop size. I feel slightly responsible, so if you're really stuck at any point, let me know and I'll try and explain, if I can.
      I'm so-oo excited for you and will definitely need to see the finished product. Enjoy, and good luck!! xx